Notting Hill
Westbourne Park Road

Private Residential


135m² (1,453 ft²) 
218 Plants
2 Rhus Typhina trees
9 Shrubs
72 Reclaimed Yorkstone pavers
1 Bin store
5 Tonnes of soil
4 people
210 Hours
4 Pairs of soggy boots

Design, Build + Nurture

Located on the cusp of the busy streets of Notting Hill, this front garden was devised to provide an inviting and wondrous space for the family to experience each time they left the doorstep of their Victorian house. We were approached by Nico Warr Architects to assist with design elements of the garden.

The client wanted to connect with nature each time they left their doorstep, and experience an eclectic mix of flowers that bloomed through the seasons. Enabling an appreciation both outside and inside from their living room. The garden was designed to provide a sanctuary in the midst of the urban clamour and reflect those wild scenes you feel out in open nature.
The biggest challenge of this build was to accommodate a tree preservation order on two mature Lime trees positioned at the entrance to the garden. This gave us very little freedom in what hard materials we could use. To overcome this hurdle, we used a Vande Moortel clay brick laid on a sand base for an informal pathway through soft planting and a specific tree protection build up for a reclaimed Yorkstone driveway.

After four weeks of dedicated work in constant rain, we completed the garden in November 2019. A natural and wondrous garden was created.

Photography - Ryan Thomas ©


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